Realize Speedy and accurate coin counting, bagging and wrapping process. Since many years, GLORY is recognized as the market leader in coin wrapping machines


Our long experience in coin wrapping combined with a history of successful sales throughout the world enabled us to design the remarkable WR-90 and WR-500. Rugged and reliable, these coin wrappers deliver top performance day-in and day-out. The high-speed WR-500 counts large volumes of coins and the normal speed WR-90 is versatile for any size of operation.


Superior Performance For Increased Productivity

Wrapping speed (max.): WR-500: 40 rolls/min.

Easy To Use/One Touch Control

With utilization of built on LCD control panel,screen visibility and operebility were improved dramatically.
The processing mode and data contents may be checked quickly and easily.
Furthermore,easy-to-understand illustrated operation guide provides accurate and applicable support.

High Reliability For Maximum Uptime And Durable Design

With newly designed coin transporting and stacking units,the WR-500 and WR-90 have realized smoother performance,and have drastically improved continuous operation

Enhancing Options

  • Extra large hopper
  • Larger paper roll stand
  • Printer
  • Escrow for wrapped coins
  • External interface


The floor standing WR-Series features robust coin wrappers producing up to 40 coin rolls per minute.


Dimensions ( W x D x H ) 450 x 633 x 1,100 mm
Wrapping speed (max) 40 rolls/min
Hopper capacity (max) 18,000 coins
Weight 150kg