USF-100 is a compact 3-pocket sorter, that is particularly targeting bank branch/cash centre applications where it is a very cost-effective alternative for fitness and denomination sorting as well as for large deposit counting.

The ability of the USF-100 to accurately fitness and detect counterfeit banknotes has passed the strict framework standards of the European Central Bank (ECB).


Fitness Sorting

The banknotes are sorted by quality/fitness. UW/USF detects folded corners, holes, soil, tears and tape as unfit notes.

New/Old Style Note Sorting

Differentiates between Old and New Style Notes.

Denemination Sorting

The mixed banknotes are sorted by denomination to dedicated stackers

Orientation Sorting

The mixed banknotes are sorted by direction, such as face up/down and portrait up/down.

Batch Arrangement

USF-100 are equipped with automatic batch functions, and preset keys can be used to quickly select batch sizes of 10, 20, 25, 50 and 100 notes.

Superb Counterfeit Detection

Glory’s USF-100 offers Next Generation Sensors for Superb Counterfeit Detection while processing at a remarkably high rate of 650 notes per minute.


Dimensions ( W x D x H ) 500 x 430 x 450 mm
Counting speed Approx. 650 notes/min
Hopper capacity Approx. 500 notes
Stacker capacity Approx. 200 notes x 2   Stackers
Reject Stacker   capacity Switchable Approx. 50/100 notes