The number of coins in circulation is constantly increasing. And as they do, forged coins are becoming a bigger problem than ever. To cope, banks and professional cash-handling organizations demand more secure, more exact systems for sorting coins.

The CS 3320 coin counting and sorting machines is especially designed for applications at small and medium-sized banks, supermarkets, department stores, and other establishments where coins are handled.


Reliable Technology

The CS 3320 can count and sort up to nine coin denominations. The coins are detected and counted based on our Reis coin-detection system with RCDS 3/RCDS 4 technology. This new coin-detection system recognizes and automatically rejects foreign coins before they reach the sorting rail. Coin jams and sorting and counting mistakes caused by foreign coins are almost entirely avoided. Once the coins reach the sorting rail, they are sorted by diameter using our well-proven rail-sorting technology.

User-Friendly Display And Statistics

All machine functions are easily presented and accessed with a two-line text message display friendly to users. Statistics are provided on the daily total, numbers of coins, and value per denomination.

Practical Accessories

The CS 3320 is equipped with connections for external customer displays and external printers. The peripheral display and printer are offered as options, along with devices for bagging and tubing coins.

CS 3320

  • Better manufacturing tolerances for higher accuracy
  • New materials for longer product life
  • Digital technology for more reliable coin recognition
  • A modern, ergonomically superior user interface
  • Recyclable materials for environmental safety


Dimensions ( W x D x H ) 662 x 305 x 470 mm
Counting speed Up to 600 coins/min.
Hopper capacity Up to approx. 700 coins
Drawer capacity Up to approx. 1,000 coins
Weight 30 kg