The contemporary compact designed cash recycling solution – CI-10 consists of the cash recycler CI-10B and the coin recycler CI-10C.

The CI-10 contemporary design can be easily integrated into cash desks / self-checkouts. A user guided LED panel provides for easy customer operation. When the cash recycling system CI-100 is utilized, The CI-10 and CI-100 offer secure closed cash management. A stacking collection cassette is also available if the CI-100 is used.


CI-10 Awarded With The “Red Dot Award: Product Design 2012”

Its award, the red dot, is the distinctive quality seal for aesthetic forms, moving trends and designers with a strong sense of responsibility.

Exit Shutter

In the unlikely event of a jam or inventory issues, provides partial change dispensing to a customer.

Secure Closed Cash Management With The CI-100

Use of the CI-10 Interface cassette provides secure closed cash management possible with CI-100.

Collection Through Outlet

Provides continuous coin collection into the bag/tray.

Reject Foreign Object

Enables continuous counting and reduces potential jam rates.
* There are limits to the size and shape of foreign objects which can be removed.

Contemporary Space Saving Design And User Guided LED Panel

Easy integration into cash desks / self-checkouts and easy customer operation.

Slide Extension Unit

The adjustable height unit makes for easy integration into various cash desks.

Free Layout Of Recycle Module

Configurable and easy to assign recycler modules for frequently used denominations.

Error Recovery Animation

Configurable and easy to assign recycler modules for frequently used denominations.
If an error occurs, the POS screen provides easy to follow screen graphics for quick problem resolution.

CI-SERVER, Cash Management Software

The CI-SERVER can be operated via a web browser offering centralized cash management.



CI-10B (Banknote recycler) CI-10C (Coin recycler)
Appearance Dimensions (WxDxH) 240 mm x 483 mm x 820-850 mm
(Height can be adjusted)
240 mm x 483 mm x 820-850 mm
(Height can be adjusted)
9.4″ x 19″ x 32.3″-33.5″
(Height can be adjusted)
9.4″ x 19″ x 32.3″-33.5″
(Height can be adjusted)
Weight Approx. 60 kg Approx. 59 kg
Approx. 132 lbs. Approx. 130 lbs.
Function “Follow me” LED sign
Capacity The number of recycle module 3 recycle modules 8 recycle modules
Free layout of recycle module
The capacity of EURO Approx. 100 notes
/ recycle module
2 / 1 / 0.5 EURO Approx. 150 coins
0.2 EURO Approx. 160 coins
0.1 / 0.05 EURO Approx. 200 coins
0.02 EURO Approx. 250 coins
0.01 EURO Approx. 350 coins
The capacity of Dollar Approx. 100 notes
/ recycle
1   U.S.Dollar Approx. 100 coins
0.25 U.S.Dollar Approx. 150 coins
0.1  U.S.Dollar Approx. 300 coins
0.05 U.S.Dollar Approx. 200 coins
0.01 U.S.Dollar Approx. 250 coins
Other currencies Approx. 100 notes
/ recycle module
Please contact us for further information
The capacity of coin overflow tray <Option> Approx. 500 coins
Capacity of collection Selectable collection
Approx. 450 notes (SCC)
Approx. 300 notes (IFC)
Total capacity of banknotes/coins Approx. 750 notes (SCC)
Approx. 600 notes (IFC)
Approx. 1,610 coins (Euro)
Depends on layout (US)
Processing Deposit Capacity of inlet Up to 30 notes Up to 50 coins
Speed of cash in Approx. 3 notes / sec. Approx. 5 coins / sec.
Dispense Capacity of outlet Up to 10 notes Up to 50 coins
Speed of cash out Approx. 3 notes / sec. Approx. 4 coins / sec.
Functions Two ways to deposit/dispense,
loose notes and interface cassette
Exit shutter
Reject foreign object
Collection through outlet
Recognition unit Counterfeit detection
<Option>Fit / Unfit detection
Counterfeit detection
Currencies EURO
US dollar
Other currencies on request
Other functions Error recovery animation
Slide extension unit
Control PC included
(Controls CI-10B, CI-10C)
Power supply Supply voltage range AC100V-240V
Certification Nominal frequency 50/60Hz
Europe CE
United states UL

*SCC: Stacking collection cassette                                     *The capacity of coin is calculated by 10 EURO cent or US 1 cent.

*IFC: Interface cassette